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Child Development

Our course contents are presented in clear, straightforward delivery styles, each child development course offer a topical organization from beginner to experienced level and a consistent chronological presentation within each level. Each class is presented with comprehensive coverage, in strong and current research-based approach, excellent visual presentation and stimulating classroom projects adds to students' experience. Each course focuses on a domain of development such as physical growth, cognition, or personal/social and emotional, speech and language and traces developmental trends and influences in each domain from infancy to age 12. Within each course, you will find sections on life stages from Birth – Age 8-12.

This unique organization enables students to comprehend the processes of transformation that occur in key areas of human development. Our early childhood education courses also provides ways for students to engage more actively with the course content, and includes a clear focus on the complex interactions of nature and nurture in development, more integrated coverage of culture and diversity, and an exciting practical approach for both students and instructors.

These courses will help students understand the link between developmental theories and research and their application to their everyday classroom experience. Our instructors use a proven pedagogical approach, interspersed with personal and real-life stories, to make classroom experience an enjoyable process of discovery for the student.

Our curriculum courses, fully equip students to teach in ways that meet the needs of all children in today's diverse classroom. The course organization corresponds with a new framework for responsive teaching that helps focus planning for diversity.

Each course is presented i visual clarity and instruction. They help students understand that, what they teach, how they teach, and the context within they teach interact to bring about the success of all students in their classroom. You will find that our courses offer numerous resources and classroom exercises that will both lay the foundation for future work and prove useful as a tool that teachers can reference throughout their teaching careers.

The philosophy behind our CURRICULUM COURSES emphasize Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and takes students beyond the basics so they can focus on the best practices appropriate for all learners. Featuring sound research-based teaching and learning strategies, these hands-on practical approaches to learning has something to offer for all levels from beginners to pre-service general education teachers. These courses are based on practical framework for effective instruction, management, and accountability in today's diverse classrooms.

Our courses offer a fully developed overview on the philosophical/historic foundations of early childhood education, contemporary policy problems in early childhood education, and issues of classroom practice. The courses deal with events and people that influenced curriculum formulations, with the focus fixed on questions about what we should teach, how we should teach, and why we should teach. Diversity is emphasized throughout the course content.

Our instructors use many real-life stories, examples and applications. These courses offer practical, applied solutions with commonly used classroom teaching strategies and tactics. They are ideal for anyone involved in a center-based early childhood education program and family child care settings. They offer strategies on lesson planning, inflective and reflective questioning techniques, small group and cooperative-learning strategies, material on inclusion, and an up-to-date discussion on real-life classroom situations.


Our Pre-Service Courses offers students–pre-service teachers–strategies and skills for classroom management that will empower both the children they will teach and themselves. These practical, yet novel approach to classroom management places emphasis on diversity, a healthy classroom environment that they will attain through research based techniques: healthy motivation, healthy communication, and healthy discipline coupled with honesty, dignity, and respect. These courses provides directors, student/future teacher  and family childcare providers  with skills to build each child's strength and ability to succeed in the classroom, as well as tools to foster understanding and support of the emotional and social needs of every child.

In addition, students will receive instruction on how to instill responsibility, self-discipline, social interaction, and self-reliance into the typical, early childhood education classroom. Activities are a strong asset to the courses: self-assessments, vignettes, classroom activities, and projects add to the course value and usefulness as a career reference.  These courses include ideal projects that students can easily complete and take along with them to schools to use as references in classroom observations of teachers and students in action. Special features for use in the field, such as "Field-Based Activities" and "Portfolio Reflections and Exhibits," encourage interaction and thus enhance students' understanding of the material. To increase self-awareness and reflection by future teachers, these courses also includes an emphasis on self-assessment.
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